Are you ready to break your chronic fatigue cycle?

Reclaiming Your Energy is Possible

Chronic fatigue affects millions of people from all walks of life.

One day you’re feeling great when *boom* you’re struggling to get out of bed, can’t get enough sleep and slog through the day.

The doctors can’t find anything medically wrong with you yet you’re exhausted. Despite that exhaustion, every day you push yourself out of bed and into life.

Chronic fatigue doesn’t only arise from illness. 

Your thinking, behavior, and emotional habits also trigger fatigue.

The invitation to break your chronic fatigue cycle is here. 

Because you are not destined to live life in a constant state of fatigue and stress.

If you’re ready to reclaim your health and get back to living a joyful life, this book is for you. ~ Aimèe Gianni, MS


Tired Yet Wired reveals:

  • How the chronic fatigue cycle activates
  • What factors impact remission and recovery
  • Why your food, thinking, behavior & emotional habits matter
  • How a life cleanse creates your best health and life
  • Strategies to reset, reconnect, and recover from chronic fatigue

You think chronic fatigue is here to stay.

But, you are so wrong.

What if I told you that you can:

How I help you ...

Your body and mind are partners in your healing journey. Chronic fatigue is the red flag indicating your body is in a constant state of high alert.

Medication, nutrition, and lifestyle changes are required strategies. The missing piece bridging the gap between healing and recovery is with your mind and heart.

Unconscious scripts are sending wrong instructions to your body.  I help you straighten out the communication between your body, emotions, and brain.

Who I am ...

Hi! I’m Sharon Wirant. My chronic fatigue is the result of an overactive lifestyle and career, exposure to toxic mold, Lyme disease, adrenal fatigue, and all the fun co-infections that come along with those pesky ticks. I’m well on my way to recovery by adding life and health coaching tools and concepts, my brain+behavior education, and a passion for wholistic, healthy living to my treatment plan. 

Little did I know that my thinking, behavior, and emotional habits played a role in my illness. Through life coaching, I discovered ways to support my inner world that, in turn, helped close the gap between healing and reclaiming energy from chronic fatigue. I’ve redesigned my life to one I love that’s supportive while embracing me and all I am. This  I want for you, too.

Reveal Your Fatigue Archetype to Reclaim Energy

6. Group

Chronic fatigue isn’t only an illness or autoimmune symptom.

Your behavior, thinking, and emotional habits also contribute to chronic fatigue. 

Introducing the five Fatigue Archetypes – achiever, helper, worrier, perfectionist, and controller!

These Fatigue Archetypes gone awry are behavior habits affecting your energy levels.  

Take this 2-minute quiz to reveal your Fatigue Archetype to reclaim your energy.