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Are you ready to break the chronic fatigue cycle?

Recovery is Possible

Your body and mind are partners in your chronic fatigue healing journey.

What gets in the way are the lies you tell yourself about your chronic fatigue.

Learn about 3 lies that block your healing and why.

You think you’re destined to live with chronic fatigue.

But, you are so wrong.

What if I told you that you can:

How I help you ...

Your body and mind are partners in your healing journey. Chronic fatigue is the red flag indicating your body is in a constant state of high alert.

Medication, nutrition, and lifestyle changes are required strategies. The missing piece bridging the gap between healing and recovery is your mind.

Unconscious scripts are sending wrong instructions to the body.  I help you straighten out the communication between your body and brain.

Who I am ...

Hi! I’m Sharon Wirant. My chronic fatigue is the result of an overactive lifestyle and career, exposure to toxic mold, Lyme disease, adrenal fatigue, and all the fun co-infections that come along with those pesky ticks. I’m well on my way to recovery by adding life and health coaching tools and concepts, my neuroscience education, and a passion for holistic, healthy living to my treatment plan. 

Little did I know that the way we deal with everyday challenges played a role in my illness. Through life coaching, I discovered ways to support my inner world that, in turn, helped close the gap between healing and recovering from chronic fatigue. I’ve redesigned my life to one I love that’s supportive while embracing me and all I am. This  I want for you, too.

Stop Lying to Yourself!

Click below to learn about the 3 lies preventing your healing.