Why You Aren’t Recovering From Chronic Fatigue

There are many ways to become fatigued chronically. Your body became overwhelmed by a virus, bacteria or toxic mold overload.

There are no clear answers whether fatigue, infection or inflammation comes first or is part of the full package.

The problem is that your body also becomes vulnerable to infections, inflammation, and fatigue with chronic stress, negative self-talk, and emotional trauma (lost job, divorce, death of a loved one, working 24/7, etc.) and processed foods in your life.

General fatigue is your body’s way of telling you it needs rest. A lot of the time I bet you ignore that signal because there is so much to get done. I understand because I used to do this, too.

You’re on proper medical treatment to eliminate or greatly reduce the load of viruses and bacteria in your body. But, you’re still so tired.

I want you to know that there is a formula for recovering from chronic fatigue. The formula includes medication, supplements, diet, relaxation with mindfulness and meditation, and gentle exercise like yoga. All of these things are so important. Yet, there remains a missing ingredient in your treatment plan that may hold the key to you recovering.

That missing ingredient is addressing the needs of your brain. You’re not getting better because of your thinking. What you think about having chronic fatigue plays a major role in the recovery process.

There’s more to the thinking thing. How you think and feel about all areas of your life affect your inner state. Thinking that creates a lot of emotions like anxiety, worry, overwhelm, and frustration or a drive to push through the fatigue keeps your body in chronic stressed and overworking state that interrupts the healing process.

How you think and feel about yourself and others also play a role in recovering. Do you tend to help others even when you really want to say no? Are you seeking perfection or driving hard to get that promotion? Do you bend over backward to make everyone happy?

What you think about what’s happening around and inside you create emotions that drive your body to be in a healing state or a chronically stressed state that results in your getting well or not.

The brain and body work in partnership. Relying on only medication, supplements, herbals, meditation, and yoga cover only part of the solution. To recover or significantly reduce your chronic fatigue you need to reset your brain that causes your body to relax so necessary healing begins for recovery.

The secret to recovering is examining your current beliefs and habitual thinking patterns. Once you discover how your current thinking is affecting your inner world, you can update those beliefs and create new thinking patterns that support recovering from chronic fatigue.

I discovered this mindset framework by accident trying to figure out my purpose. My chronic fatigue led me to an amazing inside and outside life as I recovered. I want to share this amazing work to help you regain energy and feel alive again.

Now you know why you aren’t recovering from chronic fatigue.

What you think about your circumstances creates emotions that fuels action or no action that creates the results in your life and health.

I invite you to join me on this journey to learn how to reset your brain to allow your body to recover.

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