How Your Thinking Interrupts Healing

Have you noticed feeling worse with a lot of negative thoughts bouncing about in your head?

Have you also noticed feeling great when your mind is full of wonderful things?

Your thoughts contribute to your body being in a healing or non-healing state.

The brain and body are a team. They work with each other but miscommunication happens, just like between friends or coworkers. Misinterpretation is the culprit of miscommunication.

In this case, a signal is a thought your brain offers about what’s going on outside or inside you. How you decide to interpret what’s happening determines whether your body is in a healing state or amped up in an effort to calm your system.

Two things happen with the interpretation of your thoughts:

  1. Your brain focuses on and looks for patterns and associations (i.e. looking for evidence)
  2. Your brain is creating a neural pathway

Neurons that fire together wire together, especially with repeated exposure.

A neural network is created as your brain is searching for patterns, making associations, and providing evidence your thought is true. This neural network gets stronger then silently runs in the background with repetition of habitual thinking.

Negative or stressful thoughts create a maladaptive stress response that continuously sends messages to your body to keep fighting off infections and inflammation – even when it doesn’t have to! The maladaptive stress response is interrupting the healing that your body needs to rid itself of infections and inflammation by keeping your nervous system in a state of high alert.

The great news is that thoughts and beliefs CAN be intentionally changed. You can intentionally change your thinking patterns to create a strong neural network that encourages your nervous system to calm and cool down into a healing state.

For me, the more thoughtwork I did, my brain fog started to lift, more energy emerged, I slept better, had less stressful thoughts, and overall felt a calmness in my mind and body as old thinking cleared away and new beliefs installed.

What you focus on trains your brain to be on the lookout.

The brain LOVES patterns, making associations, and actively seeks them out.

The great news is that you can choose what you think and believe. Humans have the amazing capability to use their brains to their best advantage. It’s just that no one taught us how.

Dr. Lissa Rankin, author of Mind Over Medicine, believes strongly that belief plays a role in patient prognosis’. I certainly agree. My mental, emotional and physical wellbeing improved as I changed how I feel about myself, circumstances around me, and about chronic fatigue.

Neuroscientists have shown the possibility to reset your brain by creating new neural pathways. My Reset for Recovery program walks you through step-by-step how to rewire your brain so you can create a healing environment for your mind and body.

What can you do now?

First, stop focusing on your symptoms. Acknowledge and accept out loud what you’re thinking and feeling. Then make an intentional choice to view today differently by asking yourself and stating the answer:

What do I need today?

What can I do to support me today?

Make today a wonderful day for you.


Get the inside scoop by checking out my video talking about 3 Lies Preventing Healing from Chronic Fatigue. CLICK HERE to gain access to the video.

*Please note that Reset for Recovery is not a replacement for medical treatment and is supplemental to your treatment plan. Always discuss health changes and concerns with your physician to ensure additional medical treatments or testing are appropriate for you.

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