Jumpstart Your Healing

You often look outside yourself for answers rather than inside.

You look to doctors and other health practitioners to fix you. All of you.

You want a magic pill that cures your ails in the shortest amount of time because you’ve got things to do. I know – so do I!

Most importantly, your body and brain know exactly how to heal but your interpretations from the outside get in the way.

This is not to say that medical treatment isn’t necessary. Modern day medicine is amazing and lifesaving!

Don’t discount that medications, vaccines, surgeries and other modalities have a profound effect on health and longevity. Medical treatment assists your body to heal from internal invaders and necessary for recovery.

I offer that healing is also already available inside of you.

The body is exquisitely designed to ward off trespassers and fix any damage done. Yes, a genetic tendency toward a specific disease effect healing efficacy, but still the ability is there. It’s a beautiful human trait.

What gets in the way is overscheduling, participating in gossip and drama, being a helper and fixer, pleasing people, questioning your worth, chastising yourself for your illness, a victim mentality, and pushing yourself to get that one thing checked off your list.

Drama, feeling obligated and sorry for yourself sets off anxiety and stress that’s, in turn, pushing your body out of a healing state. A little stress and anxiety is normal but your body isn’t equipped to deal with an overwhelming load of it.

You might make a genetic tendency or the fact you have chronic fatigue, Lyme or some other illness mean that your body is failing you, broken, unsalvageable, not good enough. This thinking raises anxiety and stress within your body. Again, sending you into a non-healing state.

Pay attention to what triggers your body and mind off. Notice what your body feels like when negative thoughts start up in your head. Likewise, take note what you’re thinking when your body feels wired or heavy. Notice your breathing or lack of breathing.

Pause and take full body breaths that fill your belly all the way up to your heart center of your chest.

Focus on your feet connected to the floor or ground. Keep breathing fully until you feel settled and present in the moment.

You have a choice to remain in a high state of anxiety or bring yourself down to a calmer state.

Choosing to pause and breathe allows your body to calm down into a healing state then change your thinking and behavior that supports a healing state so your body can do her job.

To be human is beautiful. Our body knows exactly what to do.

To be human means we can choose what we think, feel and do that aids the time, energy and money spent on physicians, medication, supplement, and quality food. And, head toward recovery.

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