Your Inside Storyteller

What you think about what’s happening around and inside of you matters.

It matters because your brain is a professional at making up fictional stories about facts.

Facts are circumstances everyone can agree upon. Chronic fatigue, anxiety, husband, car pulling out in front of you, and a comment a friend says are facts.

Interpretations about facts and circumstances are sentences your brain makes up. You get to decide to attach to the sentence of not. 

Interpreting facts from different perspectives is a brilliant trait all humans have. Without differing perspectives, innovation would be a rare commodity.

Chronic fatigue is a fact. It’s something your health care team and you know is factual because of infection within your body. You even have test results to prove it.

You may very well may interpret the fact you have chronic fatigue as your body is defective, is your fault, or there’s no hope.

Those interpretations are stories that are keeping you feeling fatigued.

The great thing about stories is that you don’t have to attach to them because they’re fictional.

You get to choose which stories to believe or not believe! Just like selecting a novel off the bookshelf.

The fact you have chronic fatigue due to a viral infection is great news. What?

It’s great news because modern medicine helps eliminate the infection. It’s also good news because the fact you have chronic fatigue from a viral infection is enough information to figure out what to do next for your recovery.

The human body already has the proper tools and knows how to heal. She needs medical assistance at times. And, she also needs you to adopt a new storyline to create an inner healing environment. Nonetheless, she knows exactly what to do.

Changing my story about having chronic fatigue from infection and mold toxicity revealed that detaching from old stories, slowing down, and compassionately connecting with myself, and redesigning my life and workstyle will lead me to recovery.

What story are you choosing to believe about your chronic fatigue?

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