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About me

Hey there! I'm Sharon.

Let me tell you a little about me:

Like you, I have chronic fatigue. My chronic fatigue stems from working in, literally, toxic environments and chronic stress. I thought I was thriving living such a dynamic life and work style. Boy, was I so wrong! 

I’m near recovery from toxic mold exposure, Lyme disease, and adrenal fatigue ignited by a ‘push through’ attitude that resulted in a chronic stress response in my brain and leaving my body vulnerable to infections, inflammation, and fatigue.

My love of knowledge led to multiple degrees and coaching certifications under my belt: Bachelor’s degrees in Neuroscience and Biological Sciences, and a Master’s in Biological Sciences specializing in Behavioral Science, life, health & therapeutic coach certifications, and a former clinical massage therapist. 

I’m a former high achiever and overthinker in pursuit of perfection, a reformed people-pleaser now with solid boundaries in place, and befriended my inner critic. Who knew that these Fatigue Archetypes (behavior habits) contributed to my chronic stress and fatigue state? 

I’m a trauma informed brain & behavior geek, heart-centered rebel curious about the body+mind+spirit connection, self-care & compassion aficionado, dog agility addict, dabbler of mixed media art & photography, and reveler in paving my own path.

I love woods walks with my dogs, Sunday brunch and traveling with my husband, competing in the sport of dog agility, surveying my Queendom of mountain views as our sheep graze on the hill while sipping a steaming cup of tea or chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc, and always having my dogs nearby.

Why Coaching?

Before succumbing to chronic fatigue, doubt and my inner critic encouraged my overthinking of everything.

Overwhelm invited indulging in busyness, over-researching, and shopping sprees for needless things.

Striving for perfection and making everyone happy nearly sucked the life out of me by forgetting to think about me.

Black clouds hovered above me as I questioned everything I did.

I couldn’t figure out how to get out of my funk and then fatigue dropped me to my knees.

Sound a little familiar?

My story may ring true for you, too.

I get that . . . 

Worry, frustration, and cynicism take over after comparing what others have that you do not, trying to fit in, and offering a helping hand to everyone in need. 

You think you’re broken or crazy when people believe your fatigue and symptoms are “in your head”.

Your brain has a tantrum screaming, ‘you can’t’, ‘it’s not good enough yet’, ‘don’t say no’, and ‘you gotta please all the people’ to get ahead of the curve.

All that negative mind chatter and ignoring the body’s pleas does not work.

Your chronic fatigue is your body’s way of telling you enough is enough!

You think that your thinking and behavior patterns are who you are and there’s no solution. 

The truth is you are NOT what you’re thinking and neither is chronic fatigue, my friend. 

There IS a solution.

I used to feel the same.

Life coaching changed everything and offered me something the medical community doesn’t.

I hired a coach, trained to be a coach, and applied coaching tools daily.

Confusion, doubt, and self criticism weakened as my mindset shifted.

As my thinking changed and I befriended my emotions, energy began to rise. Tending to my mind and heart calmed my nervous system, along with my medical treatment plan. 

Courage grew within to redesign a life that supports my chronic fatigue by changing how I think and not by reciting daily positive affirmations I don’t believe in.

My results fueled desire to expand my toolbox with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, The Life Coach School, and the Optimum Health Clinic.

My inquisitiveness and being a lifelong learner keeps me learning from experts in the field.

All that I’ve learned and applied helped me create my powerful CALMR Process.

The CALMR Process helped me untether old thinking habits blocking healing to create new ones that increased my physical and mental energy, find clarity, confidence, and courage that transformed my life into one I absolutely love.

Rewiring my brain allowed my medical treatment and nutrition plans to do their healing work. 

And, can for you, too!

Life coaching bridges the gap between healing and recovery by creating a calm and healing inner environment so you enjoy life to its fullest.

Before Coaching

Everything was chaotic – my schedule, my thoughts, my life.

After coaching

Confidence, courage & clarity set in – energy ignited, calmness flows, self-respect engaged.

My mindset and behavior habit shifts were created by applying tools supported by brain science and neuroplasticity research. Rewiring your brain is a real thing. It’s called neurogenesis.

My powerful life shift is my driving force to help you unleash your potential to heal and reclaim energy from chronic fatigue.

If neurologists can rewire the brains of patients with traumatic brain injuries or disease, you can rewire yours for healing, too. 

Not only will you reset your brain for recovery with coaching, you’ll also gain:

Ready to Reset + Reconnect + Reclaim your energy?

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