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How I help you

I bring to you an integrated approach to understanding and heal from chronic fatigue by combining the latest neuroscience research with cognitive psychology and research-based tools from life, health, and therapeutic coaching methodologies. 

Chronic fatigue is a result of your brain and body overworking trying to eliminate the viral and bacterial invaders in your body. Your conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings about your symptoms and life challenges can cause miscommunication between your brain and body.

Ignored and trapped emotions driven by past major life challenges and a pattern of out-of-balanced thinking and behavior habits contribute to the chronic fatigue cycle.

The more you focus on symptoms and negative mind chatter, you strengthen neural pathways that result in maladaptive stress and emotional responses. The maladaptive stress response produces more fatigue because it’s always working – even when it doesn’t need to.

Tell me ...

  • Have you noticed you feel worse with stress or emotions?
  • Do you feel lost because the many doctors you’ve seen have no answers?
  • Are you frustrated that your medications, supplements, and treatments don’t work?
  • Feeling defeated with frequent crashes yet on an appropriate treatment plan?
  • Do you anticipate your next flare up or crash well in advance of one happening?

With coaching, I will teach you how to rewire your brain by learning to access your unconscious thoughts and create purposeful thoughts and beliefs that aid in your healing.

We’ll investigate your emotions because emotional wellbeing boosts healing capacity.

We’ll also create prevention and supportive plans by addressing food and tools to calm and cool your nervous system. 

How coaching works

Coaching is about showing you your own mind and calming the nervous system. You’ll gain clarity and build confidence as you realize what you can control and change in your life. You’ll start refilling your fuel tank and feel better.

Coaching sessions are provided over the virtual meeting platform, Zoom. All you need is an internet connection and a comfortable seat anywhere.

Book a free Insight Session below with me to see where you are in your healing journey and if you’re a fit for my 6-month Reset for Recovery one-to-one coaching program.

Book Your Free Insight Session Today!

Come join me with a cup of tea or coffee to learn about each other, get some coaching, and learn how the Reset for Recovery one-to-one coaching program can help you.

I accept a limited number of Insight Sessions each week and within the Reset for Recovery program so don’t hesitate to book your session today.